UPDATE: We're excited to announce that the voting for the Hockey Stars Awards has concluded, and the winners have been selected! Congratulations to all the winners for their outstanding performances and contributions to the game.

To view the list of winners, head over to our News and Videos section.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the voting process and helped make this year's Hockey Stars Awards a success.

FIH Hockey Stars Awards 2021-22: how does it work?

As announced last year, the process to determine the FIH Hockey Stars Awards has been thoroughly looked at. This review has led to a few changes which are highlighted thereafter:


The final shortlist was established solely by an Expert Group composed of players, former players, coaches and officials selected by each of their Continental Federations.

  • Chair of the group and Chair of the FIH Athletes Committee : Rogier Hofman
  • Asia: Tahir Zaman (PAK) and Deepika (IND)
  • Africa: Jacqueline Mwangi (KEN) and Rasie Pieterse (RSA)
  • Europe: Simon Mason (ENG) and Janne Müller-Wieland (GER)
  • Oceania: Bob Claxton (AUS) and Kelly Hudson (NZL)
  • PanAmerica: Rodolfo Chiche Mendoza (ARG) and Tracey Fuchs (USA)

Before establishing the final shortlist, the Expert Group was provided with player and match data from:

  • 400+ women players across 150+ matches
  • 300+ men players across 72+ matches
  • Detailed stats (total goals, assists, saves, shots at goal, tackles, passes, shoot outs, wins, losses, etc. ) collected from FIH Hockey Pro League and FIH Hockey World Cups
  • Player of the match awards
  • Player of the event awards
  • The Group had the opportunity to amend or add to the list as they wished

Events considered

  • FIH Hockey Pro League
  • FIH Hockey Women’s World Cup
  • FIH Hockey Junior World Cups
  • Continental Championships (senior category)


  • FIH Player of the Year (Women)
  • FIH Player of the Year (Men)
  • FIH Rising Star of the Year (Women)*
  • FIH Rising Star of the Year (Men)*
  • FIH Goalkeeper of the Year (Women)
  • FIH Goalkeeper of the Year (Men)
  • FIH Coach of the Year (Women Team)
  • FIH Coach of the Year (Men Team)
  • FIH Umpire of the Year (Women)**
  • FIH Umpire of the Year (Men)**

*Note that for the Rising Star Awards, players had to be under 21 years old and/or having participated at the FIH Junior World Cup in 2021/2022
** Not for vote - To be selected by the FIH Officials Committee and revealed early October

Voting process

Only one vote is accepted per category.
New allocation of weights for different voting groups to determine the final score for each nominee:

  • Expert Group: 40%
  • National Associations: 20% (National coach and team captain of each national team, men and women)
  • Fans and other players: 20%
  • Media: 20%


Votes will close on September 30th at midnight (CEST)
Winners will be announced early October.