We are counting down to the final few weeks as Malaysia gears up to host the FIH Hockey Men’s Junior World Cup, and two key players, team captain Muhammad Faris Harizan and experienced defender Alfarico Lance Liau Jr, share their thoughts on the privilege of playing a World Cup on their home turf.

Muhammad Faris Harizan, the 21-year-old team captain, exudes pride and excitement ahead of the home tournament for his team. "We're very excited and feel proud to perform at our home ground, in front of our own fans. Especially, to perform in front of our family members and friends, that opportunity is priceless," he states. This sentiment encapsulates the essence of home advantage - the comfort of familiar surroundings and the support of loved ones.

Harizan understands the vital role that fans play in boosting team morale. "We have the advantage of support from the fans, and we hope that the moral support will propel us towards giving our best performance," he adds. With the entire nation rallying behind the team, their aspiration to give their best on the field becomes a shared commitment.

Alfarico Lance Liau Jr, also a 21-year-old defender, brings experience and determination to the team. Having previously participated in the 2021 FIH Hockey Men’s Junior World Cup, he's eager to guide his young team towards making a big impact in the home event. "This is my second Junior World Cup, and I hope in this edition, I can help the team to get the best result and try to improve the result that we have achieved in the last edition," he says. His words reflect the team's collective drive to outperform their previous achievements and leave an indelible mark on the tournament.

The FIH Hockey Men’s Junior World Cup in Malaysia promises to be a thrilling spectacle. With the rising stars of international hockey gathering in a country that greatly loves the sport, the tournament is guaranteed to produce lifelong memories for the players and the fans.

The event will not just be about winning matches; it'll give an opportunity to the young players to foster deep connections with their teammates; and for the Malaysian team, with their home supporters. The cheers from the stands will be the fuel that drives the players to push their limits and aim for excellence.

As the world watches, Muhammad Faris Harizan, Alfarico Lance Liau Jr, and their fellow teammates are getting ready to represent Malaysia with pride, determination, and a burning desire to make their mark at the World Cup, while their fans eagerly await the tournament to witness their team's quest for glory and the opportunity to create history.


The FIH Hockey Men’s Junior World Cup 2023 will run from 5 to 16 December. For more details about the event, including the complete match schedule, please click here