Valencia, Spain - With less than 24 hours to go for the inaugural FIH Hockey Women’s Nations Cup Spain 2022, the coaches of all teams have spoken exclusively to to express their expectations.


Sergio Virgil, Head coach (Chile)

“The possibility of playing the Nations cup in Valencia is a great new dream for Chile. We will play with teams that, years ago, we saw on television, and we will learn from them. Our goal is to continue improving as a team.”


Adrian Locke, Head Coach (Spain)

“I'm really looking forward to the tournament. It's a new tournament with lots of exciting teams who are pretty evenly matched. I'm sure there are going to be some surprising results along the way. All the players and staff can't wait to get started.”


Janneke Schopman, Head Coach (India)

“We are very excited to play in the FIH Nations Cup, it will be a very exciting tournament and we are hoping to show our progress made in the last couple of months. I hope all our fans will follow us and watch us on and we can use all of the support, and go India!”


Sean Dancer, Head coach (Ireland)

“Results are important for us, and we will be focusing on managing games, and doing the simple things well to give ourselves the best chance of being successful.”


Jude Menezes, Head coach (Japan)

“Our focus is on winning the nations cup as it will provide us with the opportunity to compete in the Pro League and play against the best teams in the world.”


Hanjin Soo, Head coach (Korea)

“We have brought some new players who have never played internationally but I expect them to do very well. The Nations cup is a good opportunity for us and we hope to win so we can play in the Pro League.”


Giles Bonnet, Head Coach (South Africa)

“This is the beginning of a new and exciting cycle for the South African Women’s Hockey Team. The FIH Nations Cup presents us with our first opportunity to match up and test ourselves against higher ranked teams. We look forward to the opportunity and the challenge!”


Robert Justus, Head Coach (Italy)

“We are here to perform to our maximum abilities. We want to grow with every international game we play and are hoping for some good results. We dream of that. This tournament will give us a good perspective of our qualities.”


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