One of the major projects of the Hockey Revolution is a complete review of the international event portfolio for the sport of hockey from 2019 on-wards.

The goal of the project is to start fresh, as if starting from zero – to provide fans around the world with an international calendar of entertaining and inspiring events.

The project was an important point at the FIH Executive Board meeting that took place in November 2015 in Lausanne. A project update was given of the progress thus far.

Where are we with the project?

Following market research and a review of the first season of the Hockey World League, key issues were identified as needing to be addressed in a new event portfolio. Based on the information analysed, clear objectives were developed and core principles outlined. Substantial feasibility studies are now being done to test different event portfolio models.

A final decision on the new event portfolio will be taken at the next FIH Executive Board meeting in April 2016. The result will be the launch of a new event portfolio in 2019 that will fully contribute to the ambition and goals of the Hockey Revolution.