BDO Audiberia and the RFEH (Spanish Hockey Federation) have signed a cooperation agreement under which BDO Audiberia will sponsor the Spanish men's team over the next four years up to the Olympic Games in Beijing in 2008.

This sponsorship will be realised primarily through shirt sponsorship. This initiative follows the agreement signed between FIH and BDO International, under which BDO International is a Global Hockey Partner in the years 2003 to 2006.

Jose Velasco, Vice President of BDO Audiberia, underlined that this sponsorship agreement is a key strategic element in the firm's communications and marketing policy, and demonstrates how BDO identifies with the values of hockey and the Spanish national team - in other words, leadership, team work, motivation, strategy and the pursuit of excellence.

The president of the RFEH, Martin Colomer, on his part stressed that sponsorship is very important to a niche sport as hockey and declared his satisfaction with the agreement reached with BDO Audiberia.

The Spanish national coach, Maurits Hendriks, outlined the calendar and the work plan for the National Team and insisted that it was necessary for the team to have a winning mentality.

Their objective is to win, or at least to be in all the final games. He also said he was very happy with the sponsorship by BDO Audiberia, noting that such sponsorships are very important for sports with less mass appeal. Likewise, he stated how pleased he was to note that BDO Audiberia and the national team subscribe to the same values.