First played in preparation for the 2014 Youth Olympic Games, Hockey5s is a super-fast, highly skilful, short format of hockey which is designed to be adaptable to multiple surfaces, environments and space. Hockey5s is an invasion game played between two teams with 4 field players and a goalkeeper.

Key Characteristics:

Field Size:  40m x 23.7m (Standard Competition)
Markings Designed to be minimal, a half way line and 10m mini-lines create 4 equal sized quarters of the field, plus penalty spots (6.4m from the goal-line) are the only required markings

2 goals, each 3.66m wide and 2.14m tall (Standard Hockey Goals)

Each player uses a hockey stick made of any non-metallic material with a maximum length of 105cm (41.3inches). Sticks are usually sold in lengths in inches with 36.5 and 37.5 the most common adult sizes. Only the flat side of the stick may be use to play the ball. (Standard Stick)

PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) for field players includes shin-guards and mouth-guards.
Goalkeeper PPE includes kickers, leg guards, padded shorts, body armour, gloves, neck protector and a helmet.

Key Skills: Players may push, slap, hit and flick the ball both forehand and backhand (Same as 11-a-side Hockey)

Hockey5s was first played competitively in preparation for the 2014 Nanjing Youth Olympic Games and was quickly adopted by many nations in search of an outdoor short format of Hockey.

Hockey5s incorporates all the skills and game principles of Hockey. With fewer players, less space and rebound boards on all 4 sides of the court, Hockey5s also presents a range of different tactical options to other formats.

Whilst there are specific requirements for playing surface and equipment at an elite level, the guiding philosophy of Hockey5s is its adaptability for grassroots development.

Adapting Hockey5s

For international competitions such as the Hockey5s World Cup, the Youth Olympic Games and their qualification Tournaments, the Rules must be very precise and followed by everyone taking part, and there may also be Tournament Regulations which vary the Rules of Hockey5s. However, outside of international competitions, Hockey5s is designed to be adaptable to the available facilities and for players of all ages and abilities.

For example, if the playing area is less than specified in these Rules, it might be appropriate to play with only four players of each team on the court. A goalkeeper is required in the Rules but, if necessary and appropriate, the game could be played only with field players. It might not be possible to provide boundary-boards, in which case the ball outside the side-lines could be dealt with in the same way as it is in eleven-a-side hockey. Other playing Rules can be adapted as necessary with these published Rules of Hockey5s providing a reference point and framework.

The Rules do not specify the type of surface on which Hockey5s is played. It is perfectly acceptable to play the game on any surface including natural grass, synthetic turf and hard recreational play areas.

In these ways, Hockey5s can be played virtually anywhere at any time. It is therefore an ideal introduction to the sport which enables core skills to develop and the game to be enjoyed with simple Rules in more informal surroundings.

Developing Hockey5s

A range of guides, webinars, workshops and courses are provided by the FIH Academy in support of the development of hockey using Hockey 5s.