Olympic Solidarity is a funding process within NOC Relations at the International Olympic Committee. Its aim is to organise assistance for NOCs (National Olympic Committees), particularly those with the greatest needs, so that they can develop their own structures to favour the expansion of sport in their country. To help NOCs to fulfil these objectives, Olympic Solidarity offers a consulting service to assist them in gaining access to financial, technical and administrative assistance through:

  • World programmes, which cover and reinforce all areas of sports development;
  • Continental programmes, designed to meet some of the specific needs of each continent;
  • Olympic Games subsidies, which complement the range of programmes and offer financial support to NOCs before, during and after the Games; and
  • Complementary programmes, which extend the assistance offered by Olympic Solidarity in the framework of targeted project.

How can hockey benefit from Olympic Solidarity support?

Continental Federations, National Associations and Recognised Development Organisations are encouraged to build close working relationships with their Continental Association of NOCs or NOC. In doing so, information and advice can be sought from the CA/NOC as to what opportunities may be available to help develop hockey in the respective continent. It is not possible for CFs or NAs to apply directly to Olympic Solidarity, it must be via an NOC.

What programmes can be accessed?

  • Technical Courses for Coaches
  • Team Support Grants
  • Development of National Sports Structures
  • Olympic Scholarships for Coaches and
  • Continental / Regional Association project funding.

What service does the FIH provide to CFs & NAs for Olympic Solidarity?

The FIH has a dedicated OS Manager who can support and advise NAs on how to approach NOCs, what type of funding is available and how to construct an application. Furthermore, the FIH Development department is available to advise on wider development programmes and indicate how to ensure applications are in line with Hockey2024, the global development programme.

Who do I contact?

For further information on these and other resources, please contact: development@fih.ch

For more information on Olympic Solidarity and its programmes, visit http://www.olympic.org/olympic-solidarity-commission