Fans watching the Hockey World League Finals this month are being treated to an improved TV experience thanks to the FIH’s partnership with Star Sports.

FIH and Star Sports entered into an eight year partnership running from January 2015 to December 2022. Star Sports is owned by 21st Century Fox and is the most widely distributed sports network in India. It is also available in Singapore, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Philippines, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other Asian territories. This partnership with STAR Sports is set to revolutionise the production of hockey and significantly extend hockey’s reach worldwide.

Sharing our ambition to position hockey as a global game that inspires the next generation, Star Sports is now FIH’s official Production, Host Broadcaster and Distribution Partner owning worldwide exclusive media rights (with the exception of Argentina- Argentina Hockey Confederation own the Media Rights within Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay). Since the start of the year we have been busy working with Star planning how to raise the bar of production values and viewing experience. Together we are defining new standards.

The Hockey World League Finals are certainly setting a great example of what can be accomplished through this partnership. Fans watching the Hockey World League Finals are experiencing this and more:

  • TV graphics have been updated reflecting the event's brand identity and enhancing the look and feel. This provides a fresher viewing experience for fans.
  • Additional content has been added for viewers at the bottom of the screen. This delivers constant news and match updates further immersing viewers in the game.
  • Virtual reality provides player tracking with live on-screen graphics whilst the commentators explain what is going on. This helps fans to better understand and appreciate the action.
  • Athletes are also getting more coverage with profiles starting right from the very start of each world feed meaning fans can get to know the superstars of our game.

Check out the latest hockey action on and the FIH YouTube Channel.