The International Hockey Federation (FIH) is delighted to announce the launch of “FIH Hockey Manager”, a game developed by its partner Gold Town Games (GTG) that is available for downloading on Google Play and the Apple App Store, for free!

The FIH Hockey Manager game provides hockey fans with various features that allows for them to become the manager of their own hockey team:

  • Personalizing the team’s tactics and winning games against live opponents online
  • Scouting & trading players
  • Building, developing and customizing the team hockey stadium, academy and training facilities
  • Advancing to the top of the global hockey league and competing for tournament prizes
  • Joining a social league with friends to challenge others

The FIH Hockey Manager game will provide an opportunity for hockey fans who can take their knowledge of the sport off the field and sharpen their tactical and analytical thinking around the sport in a competitive and exciting format that is easily accessible to all.

It’s the first time in its history that FIH launches a mobile game.

FIH CEO Thierry Weil expressed his excitement about the launch of the game and said: "The launch of the FIH Hockey Manager game marks another milestone in the expansion of our digital offer for fans. I invite all hockey fans to enjoy playing this exciting game, which is a first of its kind from FIH. I also hope that many other gamers will become new hockey fans, thanks to this opportunity. I’d like to extend our sincerest thanks to our partner Gold Town Games for having developed such a fun, engaging and brilliant game!"

Gold Town Games Head of Publishing Thomas Jonasson looks forward to the global reveal: “We have had a great time collaborating with FIH in bringing this product to the market. Without the FIH expert input on the finer nuances of the sport, we would be nowhere close to where the product is at today, in terms of realism and feel. We hope the game will bring lots of fun to hockey fans.”

In 2021, FIH signed a 5-year partnership with GTG, a Swedish, publicly listed, mobile game developer and publisher that makes competitive, intuitive and social sport manager games applications. The company currently has three sport manager games available apart from ”FIH Hockey Manager”: one for ice hockey, one for football and an American football title as well.

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