Amsterdam and Bloemendaal have opened healthy leads at the top of the women's and men's Rabo Hoofdklasse in the Netherlands after recording big wins over the weekend.

Amsterdam women continued their perfect season with an 18th straight win after demolishing Oranje Zwart 5-1. Sylvia Karres and Liselot Hofkamp scored doubles as the overwhelming league maintained their five-point lead over Den Bosch. Den Bosch kept in touch with a tight 2-1 win against Nijmegen, while Laren relied on Kim Lammer's fourth-minute goal to hold of the challenge of bottom-placed HGC to keep a strong hold on third position. 

Bloemendaal men showed a ruthless streak in an 8-1 home thrashing of fifth-placed Klein Zwitserland. Four goals in each half including a hat trick to striker Karel Klaver ensured the league leaders jumped to a six-point advantage over Oranje Zwart, who lost 3-2 to SCHC. 

Klein Zwiterland's loss also allowed fourth-placed Amsterdam to open a nine-point gap after 3-0 victory over Tilburg. 

Women ÔÇô Round 18
Amsterdam 5 defeated Oranje Zwart 1
Goals: Amsterdam ÔÇô Sylvia Karres 20m 60m, Liselot Hofkamp 29m 36m, Eva Visser 69m; Oranje Zwart - Marilyn Agliotti 40m 

Victoria 1 drew Push 1
Goals: Victoria ÔÇô Karlijn Petri 65m; Cecilia Rognoni 18m 

Kampong 3 defeated Klein Zwitserland 2
Goals: Kampong ÔÇô Lotte Bant 30m, Saskia Fuchs 48m, Machetekl de Groot 68m; Klein Zwitserland - Naomi van As 38m, Marjolijn van de Sommen 42m 

Rotterdam 2 defeated SCHC 0
Goals: Rotterdam ÔÇô Fatima Moreira de Melo 21m, Claire Visser 69m

Den Bosch 2 defeated Nijmegen 1
Goals: Den Bosch ÔÇô Marrtje Paumen 13m, Kim de Haas 21; Nijmegen ÔÇô Eefke Mulder 9m 

Laren 1 defeated HGC 0
Goals: Laren ÔÇô Kim Lammers 4m 

Men ÔÇô Round 20
SCHC 3 defeated Oranje Zwart 2
Goals: SCHC ÔÇô Roderick Wuesthof 19m 54m, Jasper Goote 41m; Oranje Zwart ÔÇô Paul Maas 16m, Troy Elder 20m 

Kampong 4 defeated HGC 2
Goals: Kampong ÔÇô Roderik Reinstra 3m, Rik van Doesburg 20m, Eby Kessing 33m, Klaas Vermeulen 41m; HGC ÔÇô Bram Loman 36m, Ronald Brouwer 64m 

Breda 4 drew Laren 4
Goals: Breda ÔÇô Phil Burrows 6m 12m, Dennid van den Boogaard 23m, Maarten Froger 70m; Laren ÔÇô Juan Gilardi 20m 31m 50m 50m 

Bloemendaal 8 defeated Klein Zwitserland 1
Goals: Bloemendaal ÔÇô Karel Klaver 2m 5m 63m, Pieter Blok 23m, Okke Monking 30m, Jamie Dwyer 45m, Teun de Nooijer 51m, Tim de Bie 69m; Klein Zwitserland ÔÇô Taeke Taekema 55m 

Den Bosch 3 defeated Pinoke 2
Goals: Den Bosch ÔÇô Matthew Hetherington 20m, Matthijs Brouwer 36m 68m; Pinoke - Daan Meurer 2m, Jeroen Koops 65m 

Amsterdam 3 defeated Tilburg 0
Goals: Amsterdam ÔÇô Paul-Frederick Esseveklt 9m, Timo Bruinsma 29m, David Matthews 58m 

Points Table
Amsterdam 54 points
Den Bosch 49
Laren 34
Kampong 29
Victoria 26
Klein Zwitserland 25
Rotterdam 21
Oranje Zwart 19
Nijmegen 19
Push 15
HGC 8 

Bloemendaal 49 points
Oranje Zwart 43
Amsterdam 35
Klein Zwitserland 26
Tilburg 24
HGC 21
Den Bosch 20
Pinoke 20
Breda 19
Laren 18
Kampong 15