On 11 November 2016 at their General Assembly held in Dubai during the Hockey Revolution Part 2 Conference, including the 45th FIH Congress, the European Hockey Federation (EHF) launched a Strategic Plan 2017-2024.

With an ambition to: ‘Inspire our passion for hockey in the next generation' this plan sets out a course of action over the next eight years, outlining major initiatives designed to achieve the goals of the strategy.

It has been developed on the foundations outlined by FIH's Hockey Revolution strategy, based it on the following four values:

Inclusive: Regardless of gender, age, race, religion or skill level, hockey creates and fosters lifelong friendships, teamwork and loyalty.

The Hockey family thinks optimistically of possibilities for the sport; encouraging, listening and sharing knowledge with and between our members.

Accountable: Collectively acting responsibly, through honesty, good governance and fair play with respect for all (team mates, opponents, officials, volunteers) involved in the sport.

Dynamic: Proactive, innovative and influential.

The five goals outlined in the strategy are as follows:

  1. To deliver the Hockey Revolution in Europe
  2. To continue to grow exciting, inclusive EuroHockey events for athletes and fans
  3. To continue to expand their distribution of content to hockey's fan base
  4. To market and sell their product
  5. To raise the level of professionalism for their staff, volunteers and athletes though education, development and good governance

In order to achieve these five goals, EHF have outlined six Key Initiatives based on the following:

Engage and Empower

  • Engage and work with athletes
  • Provide a gender balance on their Board and Committees that reflects hockey's balance
  • Provide education pathways that support the development of the sport in all regions and at all levels
  • Maintain and develop the European Targeted Assistance Programme
  • Promote Olympic solidarity, Olympic ideals and the importance of Olympic participation for hockey through their International Relations plan

Fan Focused Entertainment Portfolio:

  • Deliver a world class, well planned and inclusive competition schedule
  • Strive to include different formats e.g. Indoor, Hockey5s and ParaHockey
  • Increase the stature and importance of their portfolio

World Class Content and Distribution: 

  • Build on our core set of broadcast partnerships, increasing reach and revenues year on year
  • Build and improve our Annual live streaming strategy for a defined number of competitions
  • Create an online archive of our video content

Joined Up Global Marketing:

  • Ensure that EHF have a two way global marketing strategy with FIH
  • Enhance the EuroHockey brand to ensure they maximise its exposure and value
  • Actively seek to keep abreast of new digital technologies and channels with which to enhance our fan engagement

Commercial Partners:

  • Have a respected portfolio of commercial partners who value our community and offering
  • Monetise (where possible) our advertising output

High Performing Sport:

  • Maintain and review robust   governance and financial practices
  • Promote and support the development of top class facilities and performance through education
  • Maximise the value of their human capital – volunteers and staff.

Speaking about the launch, the EHF President, Marijke Fleuren said: “There is no doubt that hockey has grown as a sport and we in the EHF have now taken time to look at where we are, to see what our strengths are, where our challenges lie and have set out a road-map for the next eight years. We have engaged with our Members, our Committees, our professional staff and our Board to find what our core values really are, what we stand for. Inclusive, Positive, Accountable and Dynamic, these are the ones in the back of our minds with everything we do. We are delighted to bring them with us on this journey. Our ambition 'To inspire a passion for hockey in the next generation' sums up everything that we want. As simple as that!”.

She continued: “I am excited for the next eight years and delivering what we have now set out to do and look forward to leading our excellent team with focus, determination and of course, passion.”

EHF Director General, Angus Kirkland added: The Hockey Revolution has provided a strategic pathway for Continental Federations and NAs to follow. The EHF Strategic Plan mirrors that of the parent body and with all CFs operating under the same initiatives this lends great strength to the strategy for Hockey globally. The EHF strategic plan concisely defines how we will support the Hockey Revolution through our ambition, values and goals and how we intend to go about achieving them. It is an exciting time to be involved in hockey and we look to the future positively.”