Hockey fans around the world will be tuning in to a new monthly magazine show called 'Hockey World'. The round-up of worldwide hockey will be broadcast via FIH partners and has been produced with FIH TV partner STAR Sports.

Hockey World is the new monthly magazine show that will provide international hockey fans with a round-up of worldwide hockey including highlights from the quality-action that has taken place on the field at major tournaments as well as behind the scenes content and interviews. The show will combine action, features, news and views from around the world.

The show has been produced together with FIH media partner STAR Sports and will be distributed to broadcast partners worldwide.

The new magazine show looks to preview and highlight major events, but also to provide context of the events that are taking place as well as the characters involved. The human aspect of the players off the field will be showcased as well as the magic they make happen on the field.

Hockey World also provides a new opportunity for national associations to share highlights and stories from their own national leagues and championships. National content now has the possibility to be included and shared with hockey fans around the globe.

Stay tuned as Hockey World will be coming to a television near you in early October 2015!