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Media Accreditation at FIH Hockey Pro League Matches

Media accreditation applications for the FIH Hockey Pro League are handled by the host nation of the various FIH Hockey Pro League fixtures taking place across the world. If you are interested in attending a match, please use the below contact information. Please be aware that only bona fide members of the media will be granted accreditation to FIH Hockey Pro League matches, and that all members of the media are required to sign a Terms and Conditions form in order to secure a matchday accreditation.

Argentina (M&W): Alexia Halvorsen -

Australia (M&W): Lauren DeGioia -

Belgium (M&W): Denis van Damme -

China (W): Liu Zhipeng -

Germany (M&W): Marcus von Zmuda -

Great Britain (M&W): Gemma Field -

India (M):

Ireland (M): Nick McElwee -

Netherlands (M&W): Agnes de Kuijper -

Spain (M): Isidro López -

USA (W): Teryn Brill –

FIH Hockey Pro League Media Kit and Event Logos

The FIH Hockey Pro League Media Kit contains all you need to know about the FIH Hockey Pro League, providing crucial background information about the competition as well as profiling the teams and the potential stars that will be taking part in the 2023-24 edition. A link to the Media Kit, as well as event logos for editorial use, can be found by clicking here.

FIH Media Contact

All queries relating to competition or FIH matters should be directed to