Lausanne, Switzerland: The International Hockey Federation (FIH) is delighted to announce that the next FIH Indoor Hockey World Cup will be staged in Croatia, in the city of Poreč, from 3 to 9 February 2025. Whilst Croatia has already organised FIH and EuroHockey events in the past, it is the very first time that the European country will host a FIH World Cup!

The qualification process for the most prestigious Indoor Hockey tournament in the world has already started and the following teams will be among the fantastic line-up of teams competing at next year’s event:

  • Hosts: Croatia (women and men)
  • Europe: Austria, Belgium, Czechia, Germany, Poland and Spain (women); Austria, Belgium, Germany and Poland (men)
  • Pan America: USA (women), Argentina, Trinidad and Tobago (men)

The remaining slots are allocated as follows:

  • Asia: 1 team (women) and x 2 teams (men) will qualify through the Indoor Asia Cup (12-16 May, Bangkok, Thailand)
  • Africa: 2 teams (women) and 2 teams (men) will qualify through the Indoor Africa Cup (23-26 May, Swakopmun, Namibia)
  • Oceania: 1 team (women) and x 1 team (men) will qualify through the Indoor Oceania Cup (24-26 June, Canberra, Australia)

Croatian Hockey Federation President Damir Hrupec said: “We thank the FIH for awarding the Indoor World Cup 2025 to Croatia and our hockey federation. We are delighted, very happy, grateful and excited. This is an incredible opportunity to promote hockey in our country and a chance to make hockey the sport it deserves to be. The Indoor World Cup will be organized in the best possible way and, as always, we will show what kind of hosts we are. We wish all participants a warm welcome and a pleasant and unforgettable stay in Poreč in February 2025. Until recently, we only dreamed of such a possibility, but now it is a reality. This is a message to all people to never stop dreaming.”

FIH President Tayyab Ikram said: “It’s always a fantastic feeling when a new nation is added onto the list of those having hosted a FIH World Cup. This is a really important objective for FIH to spread its events all around the world and, by so doing, making hockey truly global. On behalf of FIH, I’d like to thank wholeheartedly and congratulate the Croatian Hockey Federation, the Croatian authorities and the city of Porec for hosting the seventh edition of the greatest Indoor Hockey event in the world. I know that athletes, fans and all involved in this tournament will enjoy a wonderful experience in Croatia!”.

The first FIH Indoor Hockey World Cup was played in 2003. The last edition, staged in Pretoria, South Africa, last year was won by the Netherlands (women) and Austria (men).

All information about previous FIH Indoor Hockey World Cups is available on the FIH Data Hub (free access).