Once upon a time, high in the hills of the Himalayas, lived a lonely dragon called Lyla.

Lyla was sad because she didn’t have a purpose in life. All dragons are born to protect precious treasures, but Lyla had none to protect.

Then one day a miracle happened. There, lying on the ground, behind a heavy stone of her cave, an intriguing round white object and a curved stick appeared. She naturally picked the stick and started playing with the ball ...

‘This is great fun!’, Lyla said.

‘I know that when humans gather to play and have fun together, the world becomes a better place. I now need to bring this stick and ball to the busiest places where the hockey family will come together and do what humans do best: play and have fun.’

And so, Lyla will be finally arriving to Spain and the Netherlands on July 1st to embrace her new purpose in life, which is to protect one of the biggest treasures in life - friendship - through hockey.