Argentina became the first women’s team to go undefeated in Pro League play after their 3-2 win over India today. Meanwhile, the USA showed the result of their constant improvement with a 2-1 win over China, also the Americans’ first win in the season. The Belgian women also dropped England 4-1 to overcome yesterday’s result. To see the current women’s FIH Pro League Standings, click here.

The standings are set as a 2-1 win for the Dutch men over India secured them the top of the FIH Pro League, while Belgium sit second and India finish third. Belgium had a convincing 5-0 win over England in today’s match after scoring three goals in the final minutes on an untended English goal. To see the current men’s FIH Pro League Standings, click here.

China v United States (women) – HC Rotterdam, Rotterdam (NED)

The United States women stormed back from a day ago to take the game 2-1 over China and earn their first win of the 2021-22 FIH Pro League. The game was a milestone for umpire Céline Martin-Schmets, of Belgium, who was awarded her Golden Whistle after the match for her 100th international match.

China looked to take control early in the game with a series of penalty corners and certainly had their chances to nab a considerable lead. Struggling to beat Kelsey Bing, in goal for the USA, it took a deflection off defender Jillian Wolgemuth for China to get on the board. Credit to Zhang Ying as her powerful flick made it difficult to control and China took the 1-0 lead in just the sixth minute of play.

On USA’s first attack into the Chinese circle it was Lauren Moyer who charged her way through. Chasing from behind, captain Li Jiaqi made a desperate attempt, but her stick tackle was penalized and the Americans were awarded a penalty stroke. Ashley Hoffman finished from the spot to tie the game before the end of the first quarter.

The USA came out strong in the second half. Alexandra Hammel’s slap from the top of the circle lifted the USA 2-1 on a penalty corner and the momentum kept on rolling for the Americans. A long hit smashed to the top of the circle was brilliantly received by forward Lauren Moyer who turned on Li Jiaqi and blasted a shot on net. The ball was well saved by keeper Li Xinhuan.

The Americans had another chance from the top of the circle late in the game but Elizabeth Yeager’s flick was steered away again by Li Xinhuan, in goal for China. It didn’t matter though and the USA celebrated their first three points and win of the Pro League this season.

USA striker Lauren Moyer was named Player of the Match and commented after the game: ‘We have been waiting for a long time for a win in this league. We’ve been working really hard and sticking to the process. China is a great opponent, ranked higher than us and really disciplined in what they do. I think we can walk away from this with a lot of learning but heads are held high for the win.’

India v Argentina (women) – HC Rotterdam, Rotterdam (NED) 

The Leonas fought hard to protect their undefeated season and a 2-1 victory today over India did just that. Eugenia Trinchinetti was named Player of the Match after her dangerous attack down the flanks were unmatched by the Indian defence line.  

Argentina had the first chance to go ahead in the game off a penalty corner. Agustina Gorzelany’s flick was intended for a sliding Julieta Jankunas but the Leonas couldn’t find a way past Savita in the first quarter. India also had a first-quarter penalty corner. They opted for the direct hit from Monika but Argentina netminder Belen Succi saw the ball the whole way.

Gorzelany had a penalty corner flick that looked set on the top corner but Savita’s superb intuition allowed the glove save to keep Argentina at bay. It was then Salima Tete who slithered her way through several Argentina defenders only to find herself with space at the top of the circle and smash the ball towards goal. Succi got a stick on it but the ball deflected up and in to make it 1-0 for India. Argentina pressed for the equalizer but Savita was there to deny a Jankunas volley from close range and a quick deflection from Victoria Granatto.

It was only a matter of time before Argentina would draw level. In the third quarter, Argentina put away three goals on India. First, Sofia Toccalino’s speed created the danger along the right baseline, and she was able to slot the ball across the Indian goal for a waiting Delfina Thome and ultimately the 1-1 equalizer.

Eugenia Trinchinetti made the far-post deflection on a penalty corner look effortless as she deflected in a low Gorzelany delivery to make it 2-1 for Argentina. Gorzelany pushed Argentina’s lead to 3-1 on a rocket flick to seal the Leonas’ three goals in six minutes. India did not go away quietly, though.

A high ball off the pads of Belen Succi tempted Victoria Sauze to swing dangerously in the circle and India were awarded a pivotal penalty corner. A straight slap shot from the top of the circle by Ekka Deep Grace brought India back within one, trailing 3-2.

Argentina did what they needed to weather the momentum shift in the final minutes to secure their 13th victory and become the first team to go without a loss in the FIH Pro League.

Eugenia Trinchinetti was named Player of the Match and said after the game: ‘We wanted to win this Pro League and each match we played to win it. We are really happy we played well and defended well. We are most proud of the attitude of Argentina and this match we started with our head in the game and really wanted to win it.” 

Netherlands v India (men) – HC Rotterdam, Rotterdam (NED)

The Netherlands men secured the top of the FIH Pro League standings with a 2-1 win over India following England’s loss to Belgium. A fabulous run from Abishek was a display of superb individual skill and 3D moves as he finished on the run to make it 1-0 for India in the opening minute of the game.

Netherlands found a response six minutes later as Jip Janssen pulled the trigger on his trademark penalty corner flick to level the game in the opening quarter. Indian keeper Sreejesh was called to action against Janssen again and again to deny a series of penalty corner saves.

A desperate stick tackle from Jorrit Croon on Gurjant Singh gave India the chance from the stroke mark. Maurits Visser had the crowd roaring as he made the save on the flick from Harmanpreet. Janssen then had another penalty corner flick denied by Sreejesh and the rebound shot hit the crossbar and the game remained level, 1-1, at half time.

In the third quarter, Terrance Pieters thought he made it 2-1 for the Dutch after his slick deflection on a long ball into the circle flew past the post of the Indian goal. It was a sign of what was to come though as Janssen changed up his penalty corner routine, this time looking back to the near post. Jorrit Croon’s reverse-stick deflection gave the Dutch the 2-1 advance.

Visser denied two penalty corner saves in the final quarter including a rocket from Kumar Varun but the Dutch were able to hang on to their lead and take the three points.

“We are feeling good (about the win) in front of our home crowd,” said Lars Balk, named Player of the Match after the game. “It was a tough season with a lot of nice matches. (Today’s match) was one of the best games of our league.”

England v Belgium (women) - Lee Valley Hockey and Tennis Centre, London (ENG)

The Belgian Red Panthers were able to find their redemption after yesterday’s loss, scoring a goal in each quarter to put away England 4-1 in their second-match up of the weekend. Judith Vandermeiren crafted the opening goal were size and composure heading into the left side of the circle and it was Stephanie vanden Borre who got the final touch to make it 1-0 for Belgium.

In the second quarter, a turnover from Giselle Ansley gave Alix Gerniers the ball in a dangerous part of the field. Gerniers charged the England circle and a sloppy bit of defence opened up space for Justine Rasir to slap the ball high into the net for the 2-0 Belgian lead.

With much renewed energy and composure, Belgium were also rewarded for their execution on set pieces. Vanden Borre’s flick beat Maddie Hinch high, stick side in the 33rd minute and things just couldn’t seem to go right for England.

England were able to find their legs and get on the board. Clever running from Sophie Hamilton on the left baseline created space for her to smash a ball across the Belgian goal. Tessa Howard was there to make the deflection to get England within two.

Rasir volleyed in a fourth goal, her second of the game, in the 55th minute to make it 4-1 and give Belgium the well-earned three points on the day.

Vanden Borre was named Player of the Match and commented after the game: ‘We had a great start just like yesterday and we had some moments we lacked a bit, when we had two cards, but in the end we won 4-1 so we are really happy with the three points. I think yesterday in the second half we lacked a lot of energy and that was a focus point for us today and that was the difference.’

England v Belgium (men) - Lee Valley Hockey and Tennis Centre, London (ENG)

It was a convincing 5-0 victory for the Belgian men over England to give the teams a split weekend. England knew they needed a win today to push for the top of the standings and played without a goalkeeper in the final minutes of the game.

Belgium’s opening goal came off a scramble on a penalty corner. Alexander Hendrickx’s flick was saved by Oliver Payne but the rebound was collected by the experienced hands of John-John Domen and recycled back towards goal for Nicolas de Kerpel to tap in.

England looked a little flat as Belgium continued to generate attack. Hendrickx rang the post on another penalty corner flick but Arthur de Sloover cradled the rebound and earned a blast from the top of the circle. The ball ricocheted off the defensive stick of Stuart Rushmere and in for a 2-0 Belgium lead.

England desperate to press for a comeback pulled their keeper but were gave up opportunities more than generated them. Hendrickx put in two penalty corner flicks in the final three minutes of the game as England attempted to defend with only five field players in goal.

Nicoals de Kerpel blasted a back-hand shot from a tight angle and with an unguarded net made the score line 5-0 for Belgium.

Player of the Match Victor Wegnez of Belgium said after the match: ‘I think we played better than yesterday and since the beginning of the Pro League we have always played the second match much better. That was the case today. We were a bit lucky, we scored three goals when they had no goalie so I think the result was not really describing the game. It was a really close game until the last five minutes. It’s still 5-0 against England in England which is hard to get that result so we are happy to close the Pro League this way.’


FIH Pro League – 19 June 2022


HC Rotterdam, Rotterdam (NED)


Result: Women’s Match #65

China 1, USA 2

Player of the Match: Lauren Moyer (USA)

Umpires: Céline Martin-Schmets (BEL), Ivona Makar (CRO), Jakub Mejzlik (CZE-video)


Result: Women’s Match #64

India 2, Argentina 3

Player of the Match: Eugenia Trinchinetti (ARG)

Umpires: Liu Xiaoying (CHN), Laurine Delforge (BEL), Ivana Makar (CRO-video)


Result: Men’s Match #69

Netherlands 2, India 1

Player of the Match: Lars Balk (NED)

Umpires: Jakub Mejzlik (CZE), Bruce Bale (ENG), Laurine Delforge (BEL-video)


Lee Valley Hockey and Tennis Centre, London (ENG)


Result: Women’s Match #66

England 1, Belgium 4

Player of the Match: Stephanie vanden Borre (BEL)

Umpires: Alison Keogh (IRL), Michelle Meister (GER), Coen van Bunge (NED-video)


Result: Men’s Match #70

England 0, Belgium 5

Player of the Match: Victor Wegnez (BEL)

Umpires: Coen van Bunge (NED), Alison Keogh (IRL), Michelle Meister (GER-video)

Lee Valley Hockey and Tennis Centre, London (ENG)


Result: Women’s Match #66

England 1, Belgium 4

Player of the Match: Stephanie vanden Borre (BEL)

Umpires: Alison Keogh (IRL), Michelle Meister (GER), Coen van Bunge (NED-video)


Result: Men’s Match #70

England 0, Belgium 5 

Player of the Match: Victor Wegnez (BEL)

Umpires: Coen van Bunge (NED), Alison Keogh (IRL), Michelle Meister (GER-video)


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