The four semi-finalists spoke to the media ahead of their games at the FIH Hockey Women's World Cup Spain and Netherlands 2022. Click on the videos below to watch the full Press Conferences.


Fernando Ferrara, Head Coach, Argentina
'Germany is a very good team. They are very good in defense. Their defense in the circle is very good. They are a team that are equally good with and without the ball, so it will be a close and difficult match.'

Victoria Sauze, Argentina
'I think the whole team and the whole group are really happy and excited for what's coming. We did a very good job in the quarterfinals but now the best part is coming up and we are focused on that.'


Valentin Altenburg, Head Coach, Germany
‘We have got used to all the passion and emotions on the pitch and it will help us for tomorrow, at the same time it is very important to defend very well, which we struggled before the World Cup and we could develop in this area throughout the last weeks and this will also be a big winner for tomorrow’s game on who has a very strong defense collectively as well as individually.’

Cecile Pieper, Germany

'I think everybody is really excited because its been a while since we played a semifinal in such a big tournament, so yeah we are mainly focussing on us and trying to not get too excited already because we still have a while to go but we are well prepared and getting ready and everybody is super happy and we are going to bring the fire on the pitch.'


Jamilon Mülders, Head Coach, Netherlands

‘We played very well during the pool stage and in every game we showed our quality and strength and still we do have some things that we need to improve, which will be the same for tomorrow when we face Australia. Facing Australia means that we need to play really to our strengths and the quality is really consistent in every quarter.’

Marloes Keetels, Co-Captain, Netherlands
‘We know that Australia is quick , they are fit and strong players and we expect a tough game and really a nice game to watch because we both want to attack really fast’


Grace Stewart, Co-Captain, Australia

‘Our preparation has mostly been about us. Yes, the Dutch are the top team at the moment and we have a lot of respect for them, but our process throughout has just been about worrying about our way of playing and that’s the mindset we are taking in to the next game and we know who we are coming up against but we will be more focussed on us and what we can do as a team.’

Katrina Powell, Head Coach, Australia

‘The benefit of just being at one place is that we have settled in. We have our own supporters who have come here from Australia and a bundle more who are watching, so yes we may do have a slight advantage at the moment but I would have thought that all the pressure is on the Dutch being the number 1 team in the world.’